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6 Tips to Strengthen Your Integrity

When you look back on the last year, in what ways does your life look vastly different? In what ways does it feel unusually the same? Perhaps you’ve experienced a career shift, friendship changes, or a big move to a new place. Maybe you’ve found a new morning routine, life mindset, or exciting hobby.

Regardless of how things look or feel different, one thing is true: you’ve changed. Over this past year, you’ve grown in your own ways and that is worth celebrating (champagne anyone?) and honoring.

In my book, the #1 way to honor the shifts – both good and bad – that have happened in your life is by getting realigned with the *right* core values so that you can live in integrity with yourself.

Be Ready to Embrace Change

Ever so often, you reach a turning point in your life where you realize you’ve changed, your environment has changed, and/or your goals and challenges have changed. One of the first things that I do whenever I encounter one of those major shifts in my life is take a good look at my values, ready to embrace the change.

After experiencing some of those changes in the past few months, I recently reviewed my “Core Values” worksheet and evaluated what words still aligned with my life and which new ones I needed to define.

Here is one of my favorite discoveries: Integrity is a core value essential to trustworthiness. And as a Life Coach, trustworthiness is very, very important to both the nature of what I do and, to me personally.

Recently, I took some time to explore my personal journey towards integrity and here’s what I’ve learned:

If you’re feeling a lack of integrity it might be the result of a few things:

You fear not being liked.
You fear vulnerability.
You lack confidence and/or communication skills.
You have a constant need to be in control.
You have a hard time saying no and love to people please.
You do not feel worthy or good enough.

So what are some ways you can strengthen your integrity? There are 6 below.

1. Get comfortable with saying “NO“.
2. Honor your word.
3. Re-evaluate your inner circle.
4. Improve your self-awareness.
5. Journal on what values are most important to you.
6. Improve your self-worth.

Working on these 6 Tips will have a positive impact on all areas of your life. Keep in mind you do not need to get this perfectly and it is OKAY to make mistakes.

To help you get even closer to that amazing goal of living with integrity, I’ve put together a FREE Worksheet Download that will walk you into your true core values.

Head on over to my Resources page to grab it!

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