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6 Signs You’re (too) Obsessed With Productivity

“Shoot. How did I sleep through my alarm? Great. Now I’m never going to be able to finish this proposal, pick out an outfit for my presentation, and get ready on time. And so much for making it to the Early Bird Barre class. Oh my god – is today Mom’s birthday? No no no! I told my co-workers I’d join them for celebratory drinks after work AND I promised Kelsey I’d feed her new puppy and water her plant.

I’ll make up for this tomorrow by hitting the gym twice, taking Mom to dinner, and getting to bed early tonight. Now where the hell is my computer charger?!?”

Phew. The hustle struggle is real, am I right?! If your mind is sounding anything like that as of late, you just might be trapped in the endless busy cycle. Here are 6 other signs it might be time for you to slow down and smell the roses (PLUS a free download to help you do so right now)!

Productivity Obsession

How often do you find yourself feeling unworthy, lazy or unsuccessful unless you have a million to-do’s and work/life obligations filling your schedule? It’s almost as if there is a direct correlation between how busy you are and how good you feel about yourself. But then, at the same time, you also wish life would just calm down and coast, right? It’s a wildly confusing mix of emotions but don’t worry – I’m right there with ya.

Recently I have so much going on that my brain is about to burst. You know that saying “You have the same hours in a day as Beyoncé”? I say screw that.

Becoming overly obsessed with productivity will leave you secretly feeling trapped in an unforgiving cycle of “busyness”.

But how do you even know that you need to slow down and manage the stress if you aren’t aware of the symptoms? Below are some ways to detect if you need to slow down…

1. You never actually get anything done. You’re wrapping up your day and realize that in between all the chaos you never really accomplished anything. And the worst part? You’re just as tired, if not more tired, as you would have been if you did get things done. Except this tiredness is from an overwhelming lack of focus rather than actual, sustainable productivity.

2. You wake up groggy. Morning exhaustion is often a sign that you got too much going on. When we try to sleep without fulfilling our daily duties, we aren’t getting the shut-eye we need. Rather than reach for your phone right when your eyes open, try taking a minute to check-in with your body, mind, and spirit. Are you feeling rested and ready to roll or sluggish and defeated, before even setting your feet on the ground?

3. You are constantly losing your car keys. Or any other little item like your phone, wallet, earrings. Misplacing items daily. This scattered-mindedness is probably pointing to something deeper!

4. You’re easily frustrated/annoyed with your partner, friends, co-workers or family members. Prolonged stress can make you feel on-edge, easily irritated, and frequently inconvenienced – all of which will deplete your relationships.

5. You stopped caring for your health and wellbeing. Drive-thru lunches, eating in front of the tv, and meeting everyone else’s obligations before you take time to yourself. If you’ve found yourself medicating with unhealthy habits or momentary pleasures that don’t last, that’s a slippery slope, my friend.

6. You can’t remember the last time you expressed gratitude. Expressing gratitude is essential in our daily lives. It brings about even more reasons to be thankful and teaches us to look for joy in the small things. If you’re never feeling grateful, you just might be so caught up in “doing” that you haven’t even really been living.

So many of us encounter these symptoms every day without even recognizing the deeper problem of “busyness addiction”. In fact, the gut instinct reaction is usually to do even more to make up for the feelings of inadequacy. But the solution to dwelling within a stressful, hustle-oriented life has nothing to do with adding more to your plate or perfecting the hustle.

The most fool-proof solution? Slow. it. down.

When you slow down, the stress won’t flare up as easily. You’ll be able to start seeing things for what they are rather than letting the productivity obsession cloud your vision. And most importantly, you’ll be able to settle into your life from a place of wholeness and worthiness rather than speeding past your life in the name of some made-up, mental race to the nonexistent finish line.

Cheers to a slower life of ease and meaning.

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