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3 Signs Diet Perfection Is Holding You Back

Paleo. Weight Watchers. Whole30. Veganism. South Beach Diet. Mediterranean. Raw Food. With countless diet options and trends available at our fingertips and endless opinions about what you should or should not be eating, it seems to be getting harder and harder to choose which foods are the right foods to nourish your body with.

On one hand, having so many options and healthy recipes floating around Pinterest is AWESOME because it gives you the easily-accessible resources you need to find an eating lifestyle that works really well for you, your lifestyle, and your body.

But on the other hand, following all of the talk about “what’s right” and “what’s not right” can quickly turn into an diet obsession that turns into perfectionism rather than holistic wellness. It’s a slippery slope that I’m not about to let you fall down! I’m sharing 3 important signs you’re struggling with diet perfection and giving you a FREE worksheet to help you break the cycle.

What is Diet Perfection?

Diet perfectionism is a vicious cycle that I know all too well. Here’s how it usually goes:

You get super excited to start a new meal plan or diet which includes giving up your favorite foods and you’re convinced this will be the one that really works. So you start strong, follow it for a week or two, only to find the dieting mission wayyy too strict so you crash, burn, and then wonder “what the heck just happened?”

Sound familiar?

Being a perfectionist within your diet is a risky, often unhealthy, business. But there is a vast difference between that perfectionist mindset and simply choosing to eat or not eat certain foods according to your needs and values. How can you tell the difference?

Here are 3 Signs You’re Struggling with Diet Perfection:

1. You follow the fads over your own personal needs. Having fun trying new things is a great way to explore different diets and see what works best for your body. But choosing to forgo the emphasis on “best for your body” so that you can simply keep up with the latest trending diet might mean that your priorities with eating are off balance. Are you more invested in what’s right for you or the newest, shiniest, way of doing things?

2. Eating is a painfully strict process rather than pleasurable. If you find yourself moaning and groaning as you weigh your foods, meal prep with obsessive precision, or turn down food after food after food, are your intentions in the right place? Eating, just like all areas of your life, should be enjoyable, both mentally and physically. If you’re living in a diet cage, how can you ever feel free?

3. You resort to negative-self talk and guilt. In an effort to keep yourself on track with your diet plan, you guilt yourself into it. And god forbid you slip up and eat something outside of the boundaries of your diet. You will beat yourself up with harmful self-talk to no end.

Living within such obsessive, strict guidelines can really damage your spirit. It affects the way that you view your worth and perhaps even the worth of others. Why choose a way of living that makes you feel held back rather than set free?

Let me be clear – I’m a total advocate for a healthy lifestyle and wellness! I think that without those things, you’re being held back in the same way that you’re holding yourself back when you choose to dwell within perfectionism. The main goal, in all things, should be holistic freedom.

It’s no secret that it is a constant struggle to not strive for perfection in ALL areas of our lives. And yet, when it comes to the one thing we really want to be able to enjoy (food) we just can’t seem to get over the “all or nothing” mentality. Well let me tell you, rules are made to be broken, girlfriend. So ditch those diets and let this guide reframe your brain!

Download my worksheet on 7 tips to overcome perfection dieting

You’ve got this.

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