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How To Keep Your Weekends Sacred

At the end of a long week, there is nothing like that feeling of relief you get when you realize – ‘OMG, it’s Friday. I get the next two days off’. No due dates to worry about, no task lists to update, just freedom and flexibility for 48 hours. Hallelujah!

And yet, how many times have you found yourself exhausted on Sunday evening, feeling like the weekend flew right by and you are far from ready for another week of work. Ugh! Chances are, even though you adore the weekends, you just might not be making the most of them.

What if your weekends left you feeling rested, inspired, and ready to rock it out on Monday? I’ve got some valuable tips to help you make that happen because you deserve the best weekending ever.

Keep Your Weekends Sacred

You know that feeling when the time you spend away from work doesn’t actually seem like time well spent? Yeah. Me too. It’s not a good feeling.

According to a book I’ve been reading, “The Weekend Effect”, volunteering your time on the weekend created an illusion of a longer weekend.

But let’s be realistic — we can’t all spend our weekends constantly volunteering, so what else can we do in order to really start enjoying and taking advantage of our weekends?

Here’s an idea: you can reserve weekdays for serious and project-based leisure and save weekends for casual leisure. That might look like consciously dedicating your time on Saturday and Sunday to relationships, relaxation, play, passive and active entertainment, and sensory stimulation. Not too bad, huh?!

Did you know that weekends were actually founded on religion, in an effort to reserve certain days for less work and more worship? Although a lot has changed since then, I believe that we still need to hold these two days sacred. By differentiating your weekdays from your weekends, you’ll find yourself able to rest, recharge and be motivated to continue working on your business or in your job when Monday rolls around.

Look back to a weekend when you felt freedom and pleasure…got it in mind? Now take a quick minute to make a list of the activities you were doing and how those activities made you feel. What can you incorporate into your future weekend routine to capture those emotions again?

I’ll be honest with you – “weekending” hasn’t been a strength of mine as of lately. Being in the start-up phase of my coaching business makes it extra hard to take time away on Saturday and Sunday. I constantly feel the need to be working on something, anything, to keep my business moving forward. But I’ve begun to notice that when I don’t use the weekend to intentionally re-motivate, recharge and realign, I enter the work week completely off balance.

It’s time to reclaim the weekend with less hustling and more healing. It’s time to set boundaries and make decisions that at the moment might feel unproductive or a waste of time, but are truly an investment in your overall wellness and capacity.

Here are a few tips to help you reclaim your weekend and make the most of your sacred days of rest:

+Take a break from technology
Set that phone down, girlfriend. Allow yourself some mental space that social media loves to fill.

+Use your mornings to do something fun and energizing
Saturday morning vinyasa? A sunny walk to brunch? A run through the park? Zumba with a pal? Do what feels good.

+Prepare for Monday and the week ahead on Friday
Imagine how amazing it would feel if come Sunday evening, you knew that you were already prepped for the week ahead, because you took an extra 30 mins on Friday to set goals, get organized, and make to-do lists? Heck yes!

+Keep appointments and schedules for weekdays
I know, I know. It’s so easy to fill up your weekend with necessary appointments and meetings because it’s empty space. But try your hardest to keep empty space empty on the weekends. You’ll thank yourself Saturday morning when you get to sleep in rather than go to the doctor!

+Do your chores during the work week but if you have to do them during the weekend, designate a chore time and stick to that.
Do not, I repeat, do not fill your weekend with endless, random chores. Designate a time to get things done and then be done with it! Gift yourself some freedom from responsibility.

+Create a transition from Sunday night to the work week
What do you find yourself needing on Sunday evenings? Some alone time? A little extra pampering? A heart-to-heart conversation with your partner, a family member, or a close friend? Establish a feel-good activity that signifies a refreshing start to a new week.

+Fill in the gaps with things you’ve been neglecting (Ex. driving to meet a friend for dinner? Listen to that podcast you’ve been meaning to download)
Your weekend should have you feeling full. Be intentional about filling your space and time with the things and people that you know your soul needs.

Cheers to keeping your weekends sacred, girlfriend! You’ve got this.

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