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Private Coaching

As a recovering perfectionist who has grappled with the perils of prioritizing professional achievement over my own personal needs, I’ve spent years uncovering and undoing the invisible patterns that led to my own unhealthy habits...habits that left me feeling stuck, strung out, and altogether lost.

You can hustle the healthy way to create a business AND life that you don't need to escape from.


I help women who feel like they always need to do more and be more achieve more by doing less. Through this counterintuitive approach, we escape the burden that perfectionism brings to consciously step into healing and long-term health stability, building a relationship between their personal needs and professional goals.

Just like each client I work with is unique, my private coaching sessions are different and custom-fit to meet your needs. Once you complete your pre-coaching questionnare, our work together will begin with a deep-dive and Goals With Soul strategy session. This is a time for us to review the past and define a personalized plan for the future, mindful of your present frustrations, pain-points and struggles.

Since my clients are busy entrepreneurs, I work to find the most convenient time to catch up, either by phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts. Support is always a phone call or email away!

An ideal introduction to life beyond perfectionism, this program is built for those seeking more one-on-one time with a positive support system that helps them undo, unwind, and repair harmful narratives. We’ll work together to slough off destructive habits that no longer serve you, all the while preparing you for the next stage of your life – the one in which you boldly pursue and embrace the beauty of imperfection.

What you get:

  • 60-Minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions bi-monthly. This includes a discussion of your progress, recommendations and full recap notes.
  • 24/7 Email Support. For when you need support, motivation, or a kind word from someone who knows your habits and how you want to change them.
  • Fun Sheets + Informative Resources
  • Virtual support to match your lifestyle

Featuring immersive coaching and long-term support, this package is designed to reintroduce you to your authentic self, stripped of the many personal and professional pressures to perform that’ve built up over the years. We’ll discuss the habits that leave you feeling bottomed out, then construct a custom plan designed to invite more self-awareness, kindness, and compassion into your life. By the end of our time together, you’ll be well equipped to reach your goals without compromising your wellbeing.

What you get:

  • 60-Minute 1:1 Coaching Session bi-monthly. This includes a discussion of your progress, recommendations and full recap notes.
  • 24/7 Email Support. For when you need support, motivation, or a kind word from someone who knows your habits and how you want to change them.
  • Fun Sheets + Informative Resources
  • Custom, Made-for-You Downloads
  • Virtual support to match your lifestyle
For the highs and lows
And moments in between,
Mountains and valleys
And rivers and streams.
For where you are now
And where you will go,
For “I’ve always known”
And “I told you so,”
For “nothing is happening”
And “All has gone wrong,”
It’s here in this journey
You will learn to be strong
You will get where you’re going,
Landing where you belong.”
—Morgan Harper Nichols
📸: @mija_mija
Ok friends. Tomorrow is my LAST day of this 3 week cleanse. I’m most looking forward to breakfast bc that’s my favorite meal of the day. I love it all but if I had to pick it’d be biscuits and gravy. Hands down. Second best is bacon and eggs on top of lettuce with avocado and homemade garlic aioli.  What’s your favorite breakfast food? And if you say you don’t eat breakfast, I’m afraid we can’t be friends. Haha I’m only slightly kidding😉
Few things in life are truly final, which is why perfectionism is a script that doesn’t fit who we are or ever feel right.✨It goes against what life truly is – a practice. We practice to not only make mistakes and learn from them, but to make mistakes and love ourselves in spite of them.😘
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Seems like yesterday we sold our condo in the city and moved into this cozy home in the suburbs. But then in a weird way it feels like we’ve lived here forever. The way the stairs creak and the front door takes a bit of a wiggle to lock. It’s perfectly imperfect in every way. I’m slowly realizing it’s less about the stuff you fill it with and more about the quality of life lived and memories made inside these 4 walls...
You don't have to be the best.
You only have to be yourself.
You only have to be real.
And speak from the heart.
And know that you have the right
to see how you see,
and think how you think,
and feel what you feel,
and desire what you desire.
You don't have to be a success
in the eyes of the world
and you don't have to be an expert.
You only have to offer what you offer,
breathe how you breathe,
make mistakes and fuck up and
learn to love your stumbling and
say the wrong thing and stop
worrying so much about 
impressing anyone,
because in the end you
only have to live with yourself,
and joy is not given but found
in the deepest recesses of your being,
so there can be joy in falling 
and joy in making mistakes
and joy in making a fool of yourself
and joy in forgetting joy
and then holding yourself as you crumble 
to the ground and weep out 
the old dreams.
Joy is closeness 
with the one you love:
You don't have to be the best.
You don't have to win.
You only have to remember
this intimacy with 
the sky, the nearness of the
mountains and feel the warmth 
of the sun on your face 
and know that you are alive,
and that you are a success,
and victorious,
without having to prove 
a damn 
- Jeff Foster
How do you protect your peace?🌊The most important practice I’ve learned over the years is how to set healthy boundaries. It’s helped me protect my time and space so I can allow more calm and rest into my life. Looking forward to a slow weekend. Cheers to less obligations and more time.✌🏼