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Pantry Detox

Pantry bringing morale down? Fridge stocked up with styrofoam boxes and empty ketchup packets?

Work with me to find fresh, wholesome foods that fill you up and fuel your entire life.

Based on your busy schedule, unique health requirements, and desired wellness goals, we’ll work together to make healthy replacements that are mindful of both your ability to cook or grab meals on-the-go. We’ll clean out every last drawer so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start making small shifts towards feel-good primary foods that help you discover eating as an intentional, joyful act.

During your Pantry Detox, you can expect to:

  • Focus on YOU and your body’s bio-individual needs, not what every glossy fitness magazine, clean eating regimen, or fad diet claims is true for everyone.
  • Learn strategies and tools that keep you and your nutritional needs a top priority, even when life starts to get hectic.
  • Reframe food and all it supplies to your mind and body as an ally, not an enemy.
  • Understand how to incorporate healthy, whole foods into your day-to-day routine.

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