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Kickstart Your Self-Discovery with These 5 Questions

November 14 2017  •  Well-Being, Healing


The moment you start to believe in the validity of “categories”, you’ll eventually start to feel like you have to fit into one, which is total b.s. The truth? We’re ALL on our own complex journeys of self-discovery and it’s time for you to stop limiting yourself to fitting-in and start getting curious about all of who you are.

As you grow, adapt, shift and change throughout the journey of life, you take along with you bits and pieces of what works and discard what doesn't. You experiment with trying new diets, changing environments, taking on new careers, and hanging out with new people.

I like to call it “collecting data”- a term I heard last year while listening to Jess Lively’s podcast, “The Lively Show”. Anytime someone criticized me for changing my mind, I told them I was just collecting data. Like that one time I decided to go to Esthetician School after college or when I signed up for Transcendental Meditation and dragged my hubs to a Welcome Seminar. Yup - that happened.

I am NOT an indecisive person but I do love to explore new ideas and try new things in order to gain experience and knowledge around what serves me, and then I can simply discard what I don’t care for!

Listen, I have made a lot of mistakes...have learned a lot of tough lessons BUT I have also grown into someone who is more-than-okay with not always having the answers and figuring them out along the way.

Self-discovery requires a whole lotta trial and error. The goal is to discover your limitations and find what's important to you. Get clear about what you truly want in life.

Here are 5 Self-Discovery Questions to make you go a little deeper :

1. What matters most to you?

2. What makes you feel most like yourself?

3. What are your most important values? Are you living in ways that are not aligned with your values?

4. What drains your energy and what can you do to remove it from your life?

5. Are you holding onto something that would be better to let go of?

Share your answer to one of these questions in the comments below so that I can cheer you on!

#RealTalk - It’s easy to convince yourself that you need to be locked into one passion, one friend group, one hobby, one ritual, or even one career, especially when it seems like everyone around you has their routines down pat. But here’s the truth: a life without curiosity is a life without discovery.

And I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather spend my days discovering - myself, my loved ones, the world around me -  than settle for monotony, always wondering, “what if?”.

Want to keep digging and discovering? I’ve got you....


Let caring for yourself be a choice, not a chore.

Learning how to give yourself what you need, when you need it, knowing exactly why you need it is easier than you think. My FREE guide is packed with expert tools, tips, and resources to help you become more self-aware...so you can define your own version of self-care.

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Perfectly balanced is an impossible expectation.✨It’s unattainable and yet we all feel like we must reach it in order to have a peaceful, meaningful and happy life.🙆🏻‍♀️BUT the thing about balance is that it’s not an end goal, it’s a way of living. It’s a practice that constantly teaches us how to prioritize and reminds us to keep what’s important to our happiness sacred. Let’s chat...what does being happily balanced mean to you?
You, my friend, are making an impact on this world. So rather than dimming your light and downplaying your accomplishments, why don't you take a little credit for all you have done and are continuing to do?
Tell me one amazing thing you’ve done this week in a comment below so that I can celebrate with you!
Shine bright, powerful woman. You’re worthy of having your accomplishments fully seen and fully celebrated.
Are you filling yourself up with goodness and caring for your health in a way that aligns with your values and goals? How we choose to nourish ourselves impacts our mind, body, and spirit. This week take a mental note of how your diet is supporting your life and let it lovingly guide you towards uncovering your deeper needs. ♥︎Drew
I didn’t plan on taking a social siesta for more than a few days (obviously I still posted some stories) but it just kind of happened that way.
If we’re being honest here, I’ve been craving more realness and truth. Less perfectly curated facades and noise.
Not to sound dramatic but I needed space to salvage my spirit and make room for growth.
The timing couldn’t have been better. Right before our road trip to Charleston and right after a few weighty decisions that forced me to ask myself some difficult questions.
So I tried (keyword: tried) to immerse myself and stay present during our trip. Using the down time to sit with my thoughts. Holy shit, that’s hard to do.
I’ve been noticing some internal shifts surface along with how I want to show up in this space of mine and in your sacred space as well. So I asked...
“How can I stay truthful to who I am as a human and what I believe to be important while still curating a beautiful brand, inspiring others and aligning it all with my values and business?”
This question seemed super complicated until it unraveled into something very simple....a question I would probably ask my client going through the same thing...”How can you let it be easy?”
Ahhhh...got it.
I’m back.
Unplugging a bit this week (don’t worry I’ll still be on stories) from social. My husband and I are embarking on a road trip to Charleston. First stop is Lexington, Kentucky and the bourbon trail. We’ll be staying overnight in a contemporary museum because....art. To be honest, I’ve been struggling a bit on how I want to show up in this online space of mine and for my friends, readers, clients, potential clients. I am not sure what this shift looks like yet but I will keep you all posted and till then you can follow along in my stories.✌🏼
We need to stop giving the word “busy” so much acclamation and start to re-introduce a new word to sum up our lives and our days. Because, girlfriend, busy doesn’t acknowledge all the goodness you have going on. I find myself using this word way too often🤦‍♀️and after I do it I feel even more disconnected and stressed. So this week, let’s take a mini challenge together and remove this word from our vocabulary. And if you need some help, here are some other words to use: eventful, active, full, vibrant.💫Leave an emoji if you’ll join me!🙅‍♀️