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Actively Waiting: How to Productively Wait For The Next Big Thing

September 11 2017  •  Well-Being, Mindfulness


Waiting has got be one of the hardest things to do. Waiting for your website to launch or waiting to move into your new home - it’s easy to obsess so much over the destination that you forget to enjoy the journey and the process of getting there.

Life might feel like a waiting game if you are constantly focused on the future. The truth about waiting? Waiting and waiting well are two completely different things.

Waiting often feels like you’re in limbo - there is not much to do but twiddle your thumbs and think about what’s to come. It can be exhausting and quickly start to feel like a wasted season of life.

Waiting well happens when you’re able to continue living, growing, learning, and enjoying where you’re at, even though you know you’re on the verge of something else.

Here Are Some Ideas On How To Actively Wait:

Consider the in between.

What can you do in the middle of the process that will get you closer to your goal? Is there anything you can prepare? What can you do to improve yourself or your situation while you wait? Challenge yourself to explore the exciting opportunities in the present.

Stay in the present moment.

Rather than losing yourself in thoughts of the future, choose to enjoy the awareness that comes with being grounded in where you’re at. This is when mindfulness, meditation, and yoga really help. Focus on your attitude and take in all you can right this very minute.

Take joy in the "NOW"

Know that the future is never certain and the anticipation is half the fun! What are some fun steps or activities you can do during the "waiting" period? It's okay and perfectly understandable to be excited about whatever you're waiting for, but you don’t have to live your life in a constant state of waiting for what’s around the corner. There is joy to be found, right here, right now. It’s all around you - you just have to look.

A year and a half ago Frank and I purchased our condo. It was our first place together and we couldn’t wait to move in but after a short 6 months we knew we needed to sell. There were a multitude of reasons why (which we won't get into on here) but we also knew we needed to wait at least another year before making any big moves. Our discussions quickly led into how badly we craved a quieter life outside of the city. That's when the waiting began. Some days were extremely hard but other's seemed to float by. I learned to take joy in the now by getting outside to make the most of my surroundings. I used that time to try new restaurants in the neighborhood and create a self-care kit that I could use when my spirits were down. 

The simplest way to actively wait is to just be aware of what is happening right now. Let the feelings and emotions come and go without judging yourself. My secret? A little dance party. It may feel stupid and silly at the moment but trust me, it works!

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Even though I believe it’s important to practice gratitude everyday...I’m especially grateful this Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for my ability to love and be loved. I’m thankful for family as it continues to grow. I’m thankful for friendships, old and new. For my health and the opportunity to serve others as I continue on this journey as a life coach. What are you grateful for? I’d love to hear🧡
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With endless Instagram feeds, self-help books, and fitness commercials telling you what you need to do be, or buy to become “the better you”, it’s no wonder why you’ve been feeling like you just can’t get to where you “should be”.
It’s no wonder why you’ve begun to convince yourself that you’ll never be enough. But guess what? Living your life from that toxic place of “never enough” ends here. Right here, right now, you’re going to let that shit go.
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