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5 Tips to Celebrate your Growth

August 21 2017  •  Well-Being, Healing


Can I be honest with you? I’m concerned that you’re not celebrating your growth like you should be.

Trust me, I get it. You’re a busy woman! In between hustling it out at work, running to the gym, meal-prepping, and keeping up with your gal pals, it’s hard to find time to shave your legs let alone celebrate!

But here’s the problem - if you fail to stop and celebrate how far you’ve come, you fail to honor your growth.

And when you fail to honor your growth, you minimize the importance of growth in your life. And the worst part? When you don’t acknowledge the value of growth, it won’t be long until you feel like you’re playing a losing game - never getting *quite* where you think you should be. Never really “earning” the celebrating that you totally deserve.

If you’re anything like me, the voice in your head has probably started chiming in now with harsh statements like “what have I actually done that’s worth celebrating?” or “why should I celebrate when I still have farther to go?”.

It’s time to shut that voice up! You’re so worth celebrating that I’m actually going to lay out some tips to help you celebrate, like a pro.

5 Tips to Celebrate Your Growth

1. Keep it small but significant

A celebration doesn’t have to entail a 10-course meal or a vacation to Tulum, although, by all means, go for it! A celebration simply needs to be intentional and feel special - a candlelit bath, a day filled with all the things you love, a dance party with your best friend

2. Work it into your routine

Here’s a hack for ya! If you’re having trouble fitting celebration into your schedule, simply make it a part of your routine. For example, the last Friday of every month, pencil in “celebrate!”. When the time comes, put your party dress on and get partying!

3. Lock-in celebration accountability

If scheduling it in isn’t going to do the trick, why not get one of your friends or your life partner in on it? Every month, you’ll get together to celebrate each other’s growth throughout the last month. Now that’s an accountability win-win if I ever heard of one.

4. Give yourself time to soak it all in

A growth celebration shouldn’t be a quick donut binge followed by a pat on the back. Make sure you take the time to reflect on where you were, how far you’ve come, and all of the effort you’ve put in to get here. Soak up that progress. Let it feel good.

5. Let go of perfect

If we waited for perfection to celebrate, we’d be waiting our whole lives. Never hesitate to celebrate the small achievements or the little things. It’s not about celebrating *only* when you reach your big goal. It’s about celebrating the journey of growth along the way.

And the best thing about it? The more you grow, the more you get to celebrate. Woohoo!

If you’re ready to claim the growth you’ve been craving and have someone to join you as you celebrate the imperfect journey along the way, book your 100% FREE clarity call with me! I’ll help you get where you need to be.

Now what the hell are you waiting for? Plan that celebration!

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